Sharing Knowledge

We aim to serve humanity as a whole, helping current and future generations all over the planet.

We are developing new tools for thought to address global problems.  These tools gain full power only when combined with and juxtaposed with ongoing efforts and ideas–arising all over the planet. Fortunately, think tanks, NGOs, foundations, institutes and passionate citizens are engaged with these problems worldwide.

We exist to serve the public and to serve these other groups – offering new resources, new tools for thought, and new modes of collaboration. We aim to bring more clarity to human thought and to thus help people plan and collaborate more effectively when working to address the pressing challenges of the modern age.

We Help By Offering

Lectures on “Human Thought and the Human Future”

Resources that will help interested citizens develop the kind of background, skills, and knowledge needed to think on a global level – “planning for a planet” over a multi-decade timescale

Case studies for global issues

Analyses of cognitive limits